Doxa AB
CEO: Henrik Nedoh
List: First North Sweden
Turnover: 16,0 MSEK
Ownership: 64,40 %

Doxa develops, manufactures and commercializes patented dental bio-ceramic products for dental care.


GWS Production

Safeture AB
CEO: Magnus Hultman
List: First North Sweden
Turnover: 18,9 MSEK
Ownership: 39,89 %

Safeture (formerly GWS Productions) provides companies and their employees with a cloud-based risk management service that increases safety and security during travel and trips abroad.


Dignitana AB
CEO: William Cronin
List: First North Sweden
Turnover: 33,7 MSEK
Ownership: 23,82 %

Dignitana develops and promotes a patented cooling system that cools the crown to prevent hair loss during cancer treatment.

IDL Biotech

IDL Biotech AB
CEO: Gunnar Wahlberg
List: Spotlight Stock Market
Turnover: 27,3 MSEK
Ownership: 21,57 %

IDL Biotech develops and promotes diagnostic urine and blood sample tests in the fields of oncology and bacteriology to increase patient benefit, safety and cost efficiency in healthcare.


Heliospectra AB
CEO: Ali Ahmadian
List: First North Sweden
Turnover: 45,3 MSEK
Ownership: 15,53 %

Heliospectra develops light systems based on diode technology. The systems are used to control lighting conditions in greenhouses and other cultivation environments.